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FAQ: Are bulbs included with the Vanity Girl Mirror?

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Q:  "Does the vanity mirror come with the light bulbs?  Also does the mirror need to be plugged into outlet to be powered?"  -- Dee 

A:   Hi Dee.  Yes, all our vanities come with lightbulbs and we even toss in a couple of extras.  Please note that our vanities are built for 25 watt or less bulbs.  Anything more than that can cause the bulbs to get very hot and can also damage the vanity.

The Starlet Model comes with 6 bulbs, so it has 150 watts of face-lighting power!  And our Broadway Model (our most popular model) comes with 13 bulbs, that is 325 watts of makeup-perfecting power :) 

And in regard to your second question, all of our vanities need to plugged into a wall.  They are easy to set up and plug in - kind of like a flat screen TV or a computer monitor.  Just way more glamourous.


Maxine & Team Vanity Girl 

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