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Top reasons why you need a Vanity Girl lighted mirror in your life!

We love hearing from our Vanity Girls and boys, and here are a few of the reasons they love their vanity mirrors and travel vanities so much ... 
      1. Every girl (and vanity loving boy!) wants their own vanity! 
      2. You may get a traffic ticket when applying makeup in the car! 
      3. You currently put their makeup on while sitting on the floor of your room
      4. You hijack someone else's vanity area, maybe your besties or even your Mom's. 
      5. You hijack the bathroom trying to get your hair just right or contour your nose properly! 
      6. It gives you motivation to learn more, do more and be more (@ashhley.rebecca).
      7. It will definitely help you practice and create new makeup ideas (for pros and non-pros alike)
      8. If you are a pro, it can glam out your client area at home or in your biz.

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