As Seen in Cosmo: World’s Pinkest Woman Kitten Kay Sera lights up in her Limited Edition Vanity Girl Pink Broadway Mirror

From time to time, we do an exclusive run (like this) … and a few years back, we made Pink Broadway vanities because so many Vanity Girls love pink.  I must admit, I do too. After all, our Travel Vanities are packaged in the cutest pink box. But my love for pink comes nowhere close to that of fellow West Hollywood resident Kitten Kay Sera who Ripley’s Believe It or Not has crowned “The World’s Pinkest Woman.”

“I don’t even do 50 shades of pink. I do a million shades of pink,”

Kitten Kay Sera

Kitten and I met through a mutual friend, Douglas who asked if I might want to light up her Pepto Pink Palace with our limited edition Pink Broadway Vanity. Heck yes! BTW, Kitten also rents out her carefully curated pink pad (hello, she even has a pink doggie and pink toilet paper) for photo shoots. We love when the art director, photographer or models fall in love with her vanity set up and we see amazing shots on Instagram.

Personally, I just love how Kitten lives out loud and does her own thing. I mean, hello, Beyonce even sang back-up for her once.  Talk about Powerful Manifesting :) Read more.

What do you think?  She would do another run of these baby pink vanities or should we do another color? Comment down below.





Definitely would love to see a mint green like a (Tiffany blue color)😊

Skye Jones

I wanted to get my fiance one of those vanity pop up mirrors. Just saw the promotion of it on the news on channel 5. She’s really into pink. She would love one of these. Plus, it would help her when we rush out the house sometimes. I applaud the idea of this pop up vanity.

Skye Jones

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