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Cosplay, Makeup Mandy and Vanity Girl Hollywood on KTLA

“... transform in front of a Vanity Girl Hollywood mirror...” -- KTLA

Watching "everyday people" transform is kind of my whole mission in life.  But, when you see them transform into super heroes, villains and game characters - we're in whole new territory.

This was a fun shoot with our friends over at KTLA and Makeup Mandy on Melrose.

It was an unusually hot day in LA when I made way over Makeup Mandy for the shoot. In walked five young women with garment bags and duffel bags and I knew I was about to witness some major slayage.

They scattered to various rooms at Makeup Mandy while the KTLA team started to set up a series of shots, many of them in front of our Black Broadway vanity.  Then the girls emerged in amazing costumes - and this was right before Halloween here in West Hollywood so it was even more fun for me.  I always love to watch the artistry and creativity that goes into these extreme transformations.

Come meet the players as seen in the video ... 

Risa Light looked so kick ass after her tranformation. I might have had a soft spot for her because she’s originally from Japan and I lived in Tokyo for a year after I graduated college.  Like many LA transplants she is a multi tasker and is also a singer and event planner.

Bowbat has been cosplaying for over eight years, and this talented cosplayer sews most of her costumes herself.  Her favorite characters are “magical girls.” She’s also a voice over actress.

Mariko was the most doll-like of the bunch with her frilly dress and long locks.  She’s been cosplaying for over 10 years and her hobbies include photography, ice-skating, creating art, and eating at cute cafés.

Nico’s love of transformation comes as no surprise as she is also a licensed hairstylist. She came in all effortlessly tomboy cute and emerged as an otherworldly elfen creature complete with these awesome ears.

Lara shared that her cosplay career helped her deal with bullying. Her main gig is video design and I had never seen someone paint as quickly as her (in green no less). She also has a very popular YouTube channel.

All in all it was a really fun shoot that hot day on Melrose. It was kind of sad to watch these colorful characters transform so quickly back to their “normal selves” but if you would like to learn more about their transformations check out their YouTube Channels or book them through Kospre.

For lashes that kill (or for you MUA’s - a lash business that kills!) - check out my bae Mandy of Makeup Mandy and LashX.

And of course, if you need a magical mirror of your very own you can buy one here.  Or - if you need it on the road (like one of these beautiful cosplayers might), pick up our newly launched platinum travel vanity.  About the size of on iPad, this could have easily stowed away in Risa Light’s duffel bag.



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