Photo | Vanity Room Credit:   @chasitymcvay

How dramatic and chic is this room?  It belongs to Chasity out of Dallas, a fellow #girlboss!   This fitness babe also clearly loves her glam and calls this room her "Girl Heaven!"  It was a prezzie from her man. 

Room Highlights:

  • Marilyn Monroe wall accents.  We often think of Ms. Monroe as the patron saint of Vanity Girls, and this interpretation of her doesn't disappoint.
  • Hello Kitty accents.   This playful nod to girlhood always keeps things fun.
  • Red accent rug.  In addition to adding a pop of color, it's also practical because you can wash it in case you spill foundation or pigments on the floor.
  • Fuzzy throw over the chair.   This textured white throw breaks up all the red and pulls in the white of the dresser and drawers.
  • Lots of tall, shallow storage.  I'm a fan of these types of drawers because the shallow depth means that makeup treasures are easily accessible.   These are available from Ikea.
  • Red Gerber Daisies.  These daisies just say "fun to me", but the dramatic blood red color adds a certain sophistication.
  • Black Broadway Hollywood Mirror.  The original from yours truly, VanityGirl Hollywood.  We love that she opted for Classic Hollywood black here.  White would have also been pretty but the black adds to the dramatic feel.  She's cute, because if you read her IG she says she wants our vanity "in every color".   She hung this one on the wall (each of the newer models come with wall mounting kits) so it keeps her Ikea desk nice and sleek.

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