Vanity Girl Hollywood's Boss & Blogger Maxine Tatlonghari attends Facetory After Party

Event Life: Hitting the After Party Facetory K-Beauty Sheet Mask Subscription Box

Don't you just love a good sheet mask? I do, and let's be honest ... K-Beauty sheet masks are next level. Poreless perfection, glass skin and a youthful dewy finish make even the most sophisticated beauty junkie just a little, well, crazed with hope. 

So I was very excited when the team behind the Facetory subscription box invited me to party with them last weekend to curate my very own K-Beauty Sheet Mask box. 

Vanity Girl Hollywood at the Facetory After Party DTLA

We pulled up to the “bar” and worked directly with a Facetory rep to share our skin issue and she pulled together an assortment of masks to meet our needs. You can have a similar experience with a subscription starting as low as $5.95. This is a fun way to try out some of the secret weapons behind some of your favorite beauty gurus.

Facetory x Vanity Girl

I ran into some of my favorite influencers including Barbie Beth (owner of a Vanity Girl Hollywood limited edition pink Starlet), Remi Cruz and Jenn Mc Allister. We enjoyed treats by Electric Sky Wine, Hint Water, Pressed Juicery, UPTIME, Kloud and Detox Water.

One of my favorite weekly rituals is to Dermaflash and sheet mask.  What are some of your favorite rituals?





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Wow Super cool sounds like so much fun 🤗

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