Gift Guide:  Things We're Too Lazy to Blog About

Gift Guide: Things We're Too Lazy to Blog About

The name of this blog makes me laugh.  As a blogger myself, it CAN take a lot of work to actually get a post written - especially something like this Gift Guide which is CHOCKFULL of great ideas.  So Ali and Amanda, the hosts of this fun podcast, made it easy for you to shop while you listen.  They talk about our lighted Hollywood vanity mirrors at the 52 minute mark if you feel like skipping ahead, but I do encourage you to take a listen if you have the time and make sure to also visit their show notes. 

I actually met Ali at a beauty event a couple of years ago at The Mondrian (such a great venue for events). Some of you may have caught her recently on an episode of Stripped which comes on right after Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.  Her Hollywood vanity was seriously put to the test when she and her husband found themselves totally naked on national TV.  She even walked a Red Carpet pretty stripped down  ... I call that seriously brave! 

They recorded this as a Holiday Gift Guide - but I think you could use it any time you are stuck trying to figure out the perfect gift for someone.  I would use it as a Birthday Gift Guide, Mother's Day, etc. 



PS I think I might join them in February (right in the thick of awards season) so stay tuned for that.

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