Makeup Mirror

Celebrity Collaboration:  Karrueche Tran $79.99

The lightweight, rose-gold 10” x 7” mirror goes anywhere and flatters a variety of skin tones.  Three sets of professional-grade, colored LED lights help frame the face for customized professional applications and touch ups.  From the TV set, en route to a gig in an airplane or just at home, Karrueche needed an option to fit her lifestyle and those of her friends and followers (7 million+ on IG) and it comes in a sleek, fashion-forward neoprene travel pouch.  Karrueche chose to collaborate with Vanity Girl Hollywood because of the high-profile niche Maxine Tatlonghari has carved out in this area, as well as, her in-demand business acumen. “It’s my favorite travel accessory,” says Karrueche. “I personally experienced traveling to many places and have dealt with terrible lighting in hotels and airports ….. so, I collaborated with Maxine and Vanity Girl Hollywood to fix that problem.”

Beauty Expert Go To:  Dark Platinum Travel Vanity Mirror $79.99 

Just in time for your travels this summer the Vanity Girl Hollywood Dark Platinum Travel Vanity is a must-have if you find yourself in the desert, mountains or beach with a wayward eyelash blocking your vision. The mirrors offer three distinctive colors of diffused lights, perfect for day, night and any skin tone!  Each LED light independently dims for the perfect color, temperature and glow!  The vanities are rechargeable and come with a micro USB cord. Super lightweight and portable, VGH travel vanities save, big time, on bathroom space if you’re sharing a hotel room with a few of your besties or the lighting in your bathroom, at home, leaves something to be desired as you’re trying to apply your makeup. The right beauty tools are a total game changer if you’re ready to up level and polish your look up in the second half of 2019!

 Best Seller:  Platinum Travel Vanity Mirror $59.99

The first travel vanity mirror in the line, this best seller features one set of professional grade, dimmable LED lights.  Bloggers, frequent travellers, and even flight attendants have called this more affordable option a total must-have. 

Get in the Game: Vanity Kills Compact Mirror $9.99

Vanity Girl Hollywood was launched with the large, in-home mirrors that became a staple of the OG YouTube makeup gurus  (think Kandee Johnson, Jaclyn Hill and Patrick Starr). The price point ($299 entry for the Starlet model) was a bit steep for some. The sassy little Vanity Kills. Compact mirror (available in Rose Gold and Platinum) is a perfect way for ANYONE to become a Vanity Girl. 

About Vanity Girl Hollywood

Vanity Girl Hollywood was founded by award-winning female entrepreneur Maxine Tatlonghari in 2008. She was a pioneer in the current Glam Room trend with the launch of the Broadway Mirror in 2009 and continues to revolutionize the lighted mirror market. Maxine has worked with some of the world’s most influential celebrities and influencers over the years.


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