Memorial Day Sale

This weekend, we are offering 20% off site wide on our Vanity Girl pop up items in honor of Memorial Day.  Please use code MEM20 at check out.

I read that Memorial Day started as a way to remember those we lost during Active Duty, and now some extend it to those who are veterans and current members of the US Military.

My father served in the US Navy for 30 years.  We traveled a lot in my childhood because of it and while it was hard being the “new girl” in school so often, it also made me adaptable and unafraid to meet new people.  A lot of my childhood memories are fondly interwoven military family life and community. Every weekend, we took a trip to the commissary to stock up on groceries followed by ice cream.  Every summer, we spent most of our days at the Navy Base pool. When my dad passed away in 2012, my brother and I included some of the Navy traditions in his memorial service because he served so proudly.

For those veterans and current active duty members, thank you for your service. For those we have lost, we remember you with love and gratitude.



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