Super star beauty influencer Patrick Starrr unboxing Vanity Girl Hollywood mirror

tbt: Patrick Starrr and Mama Starrr Vanity Girl unboxing video

I first met Patrick Starrr (aka Patrick Simondic) at Ruby Palanco's house a few years back with my beauty influencer| MUA| aesthetician love Brian Champagne. Patrick was of course in his fabulous signature turban and stiletto nails and even then, he was working it as you can see in this group photo below.

I just recently caught up with him killing it while hosting the AIA's with Kandee Johnson (in fabulous Michael Costello frocks) and I'm so excited to hear about his new collaboration with MAC Cosmetics

Anyway, on this Flashback Friday we thought we'd share one of my favorite unboxing videos of all time (and Mama Starrr's debut)!  And if you want a White Broadway Mirror like this, please click here.

What about you?  Who are some of your favorite influencers and why? 



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