3 Things I LOVE about Summer

3 Things I Love about Summers In LA by Vanity Girl Hollywood
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Hey Vanity Girls - 

I love summers in LA.  True, we kinda have a year round thing going here but just like everyone else - there are months when it gets dark at 5 p.m.  But today - the sun sets at 8:06 p.m. So following are my Top 3 things I'm looking forward to this summer.

Summer Sales:  Saturday night I headed to the newly redone Century City Mall to watch Sandra's B.'s girl-gang Met Gala heist Ocean's 8.  I LOVED it.  I also loved shopping outdoors and stores like ZARA with their cute summer offerings (on the list:  a straw bag).  This Sunday - we will have our own Summer Pop Up Sale on June 24 at Sample Feen Sundays.  Tip: Make sure to hit weekly market known as Smorgasburg if you come down!  And for those of you not in LA, use the code SUMMER20 (June 21 - 25)

Swimming: My friend has a pool that gets heated on Memorial Day and shuts off on Labor Day. There is nothing I love more than jumping in that pool for all the mermaid feels. A few years ago, my friend Tracy and I were going through break ups simultaneously and we legit "swam it off." There is something so cathartic about a daily dip to get you through all of life's stuff.  Tip: The Shisedo Ultimate Sun Protection is a great non-greasy great-smelling option for protecting your skin.

Rooftop Rose: After watching Ocean's 8 Sunday, we headed to the TERRA Rooftop at Eataly L.A and it was amazing.  Sweeping views, great DJ, yummy food and fire pits. Other rooftops I like?  The London West Hollywood, Catch LA and Melrose Rooftop Theatre at E.P. & L.P.  Tip: There is a new FREE trolley that here in West Hollywood called the Sunset Trip that can have you Rooftop Hopping in no time. 

So there you have it, a few of my favorite Summer things here in LA.  What about you? What are your favorite things to do when the days heat up? 



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