Vanity Girl Hollywood honored by Comerica Bank x Lakers "Woman of Entrepreneurship"

Oh what a night!

Thank you Comerica Bank and Los Angeles Lakers for honoring me as the “Woman of Entrepreneurship” last night at the final VIP suite game of the season vs the Houston Rockets. Vanity Girl Hollywood is very much an LA brand, so to step onto the court before the game started alongside 4 very accomplished women was a huge honor as you can imagine.

Maxine Tatlonghari of Vanity Girl Hollywood honored as Comerica Bank x Los Angeles Lakers "Woman of Entrepreneurship"

Comerica Bank and Lakers welcomed us into a VIP suite where I met the other honorees and leadership from Comerica and the Lakers.  They gave me this beautiful award and a gorgeous gift from Tiffany’s.

Before tip-off, we were taken downstairs by Tim V. of the Los Angeles Lakers and walked through the very same tunnel that our beloved players come out of to play.  It was surreal. I heard my name yelled and looked up to see my long time friend Ponciana Badia (also a female entrepreneur out of Long Beach), her hubby and her daughters including Sasha and Francesca. At times like this, it’s so heartwarming to have friends in the crowd and yes! I could hear them at The Staples Center.

We were then led onto the court, and we were honored on the Jumbotron. I never in a million years would have thought that I would actually see myself on something like that.  Standing on the S (from Los Angeles) will always be a huge moment in this LA Girl’s life.

Thank you Comerica Bank and Los Angeles Lakers for this very special moment.


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