Here's a sale in honor of a great beauty event happening this weekend, the PhamExpo!  Here are some flashbacks from our booth last year …

Images from left to right: 

Image 1:  Our booth was such a sparkly attraction point that Makeup Artist Magazine would bring over the models to shoot at our booth.  It was awesome because it gave us a chance to see first hand the amazing artistry that was taking place all over the Pasadena Convention Center.

Image 2:   Who doesn't know the amazing Beauty Expert Desi and her BFF Chrisspy?  We were beyond honored that these two powerhouses were part of our Meet & Greet and the long line of their fans waiting to meet them were prove positive that these two really have amazing tips and tricks up their pretty (and SMART!) sleeves.

Image 3:  And the Meet & Greet continued.  There are Lou & Vanessa Flores flanking yours truly at our booth.  Lou's makeup is always FLAWLESS and the gorgeous Vanessa is so fierce on hair.  OMG.  Then the powerhouse blonde (now brunette and gorgeous no matter what color she's rocking is Pilar aka Queen Pee of Queen Pee jewelry.  Another #girlboss who makes the most amazing pieces.  And of course, my boo in pink Brian Champagne who quickly rose to IG stardom as he is an award winning aesthetician and makeup artist in his own right.  He's moderating a panel this year on Sunday so make sure to check him out.

Image 4:  The amazing Damone Roberts.  This brow wizard has been framing the faces of celebrities like Madonna, Beyonce and hello Channing Tatum (sigh).  He is such an inspiration to me between his flagship salons and product lines and more, I'm so honored to feature him as one of my celebrity #VanityBoys. 

2014 was a really fun PhamExpo for me and the Vanity Girl team - Silvia, Kassie, Jena, Angelique, Tracey and David. 

I can't wait to stomp the floor this year - see some old friends and check out the new products!  In the meantime, please enjoy our sale! 

Special Thanks for my looks that 2014 weekend:  Dresses from Pinup Clothing and hair by UntamedInstincts.

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