Video Review: Alazae's Beauty on Vanity Girl Hollywood's Platinum Travel Vanity

Hi Loves - I'm sorry I've been a bit MIA lately but I just got back from my friend (and fellow beauty boss) Manna Kadar's wedding in Playa Del Carmen.  I coupled that with a much needed vacay (thank you very much Andaz Mayakoba) and I'll do a post on all of that soon very soon. 

Anyway - I was just catching up with my Twitter Feed and found this Amazing Video Review on our Platinum Travel Vanity from Alazae's Beauty.  She's a mom and a wife who is self-professed "beauty crazy" and like me, believes "you're beautiful no matter what." 

I am so grateful for all of the YouTube videos that we've received over the years, from Patrick Starrr, to Jaclyn Hill and Solange Nicole. I KNOW first hand how long these videos take to make -- and I don't even edit, but I do like to host from time to time. 

However, when I meet bloggers and YouTubers early on in their journey, that holds such a special place in my heart because we all start somewhere.  That's how I feel about Alazae.  If you read her YouTube About Bio she's still in the growing phase of her channel (she already does have over 18K views so that's amazing) and then she experienced the loss of a loved one. That is always a really hard time.  

It was her children who encouraged her to make another video, and she felt inspired to do one about our Travel Vanity. That touched me so much because I know how hard it is to get "back out there" when you are going through a tough time personally.

Anyway - I hope you enjoy her video review as much as I did.  Please support her channel and give her lots of virtual hugs as she and her family heal from their loss. 



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alazaes beauty

I feel so grateful for the love and encouragement, I really appreciate it so much !!!! your company is more than just a product, I will continue to support your company, words cant express my appreciation on these hard times xoxo

alazaes beauty

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