Once upon a time, a hard working fundraising exec found herself laid off and out of a job. Like many women do when faced with adversity… she took herself to the spa for a massage and a facial. Sort of an Elle Woods moment.

That laid off-exec was Vanity Girl Hollywood Founder, Maxine Tatlonghari.  The spa was Burke Williams on the Sunset Strip, and on that day her life would change forever.

As Maxine sat in the spa’s vanity room, post massage and facial, she started to blow dry her hair feeling relaxed and pampered. ”Surrounded by the Hollywood-style lighted mirrors, I felt glamorous and special," she says.

That’s when a light bulb went off in her head!

Maxine knew there were other women who wanted to feel like THIS when they got ready.  Special,  pampered, glamorous!  So, she sketched out the idea for a home vanity on a napkin, and in February 2009, Vanity Girl Hollywood was born.

The Vanity Girl Hollywood mission is to help people feel beautiful, empowered and special everyday.  Vanity Girl started the market category with the idea of having an original Hollywood Mirror available to everyone, not just professionals. This idea quickly reached cult beauty status when Beauty Gurus like Kandee Johnson, Carli Bybel and Jaclyn Hill started using her mirrors in their videos and blog posts. She was excited when some of Hollywood’s most glamorous women like Kim Kardashian, Mariah Carey, JLo and Ariana Grande used them in their homes, businesses and backstage. What really drove her mission home, is when thousands of “everyday” women started posting their pictures and videos throughout social media. 

Maxine serves on the West Hollywood Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors and the Advisory Board of the AIA American Influencer Association. She supports philanthropic causes such as the American Cancer Society, American Lung Association, Dress for Success and The Prom Project. She also guest lectures at UCLA Anderson School of Management on social media marketing. She blogs about her beauty boss life in The Vanity Girl Diaries, with a focus on lifestyle, business beauty, female founders and philanthropy. Vanity Girl Hollywood has sold over $10,000,000 in vanity mirrors since Maxine launched the Vanity Girl Hollywood brand. 


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